Friday, March 11, 2011


       Why it happens to me ? this is the frequent question asked by most of the people in this world, who believe in god. They say that many are leading a wrong life but they are happy, but I am leading a righteous life still suffering a lot. There is story to explain this behavior of life.
          Once there lived a honest man called Max Muller in London. He was a righteous & rich person. Lot of suffering people got help from him. He was known in the city for his Wisdom and helping tendency.
          He helped many orphanages, old age homes and disabled but he will not publish his name. He had a good wife called Sara and two kids. Every day before going to sleep he will help atleast one person.
          He will pray to god daily, Once in a week prayer will be arranged, lot of people around the city will come to prayer and food will be arranged for them. He was leading such a great life.
          Once he suffered a heavy loss in his business, so he was unable to continue the contribution as before but he continued his prayer. He was suffering for nearly 10 long years but his friends supported him and he regained his business. He lived for ninety years and was dead. Whole city was under grief for his loss.
          Max went to heaven, there he was welcomed by god. God gave him a seat near to him and spoke to him. God was happy with him, god told he liked Max as he had obeyed god’s commands. God showed Max life as a vision, there Max saw two persons foot impression on sand way. Max enquired about it. God told one impression was Max’s & the other impression was god himself.
          For a short span of vision only one persons foot impression was there. Max enquired,” Oh God! Why do you leave me during my hard days”. God told smilingly, “ You fool ! I was carrying you during your hard time that’s why you see only my foot impression”. Tears started to roll on Max’s eyes. He fall at god’s feet and seeked God’s blessings.
          Moral of the story is “God will test good people but he will never let them down, He will give lot to evil people but he will let them down”, So you got the answer for Why ? right. So always lead a good life by helping the needy.

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Saturday, March 5, 2011


         Are you surprised to hear the title ? Yes, It’s true. In southern tip of India, in district of Kanyakumari, lot of people run during the ‘Shivarathri Day’. They are doing worship by running to a dozen of shiva temples. To know the reason behind this run, we need to travel to the past, around 5000 years ago the story line starts.
        After Kurushetra war Pandavas won the battle, Yudhistra became emperor of the throne and he conducted a ‘Raja-Suya Yaga’. Emperor need to win all the kingdoms by friendship or through war. All the kings accepted his emperorship. There was a small forest left behind, it was under the control of Sage Vyakra-Patha (Tiger-Legs- I’ll tell about his story later) in southern tip of India called Kanyakumari.
        Bheema, one among Pandavas was a Strong person. He had an ego that he was the strongest man. Lord Krishna Knew about this, he want to crush Bheema’s ego and teach Sage Vyakra-Patha about the truth of worship, so he planned a scene.
         Lord Krishna asked Bheema to invite Sage Vyakra-Patha (staunch Shiva devotee) to their yaga since sage should accept Yudishtra as emperor. Lord Krishna gave 12 Rudraksha beads to Bheema, told a plan and Bheema left to Sage’s place.
          Bheema saw Sage Vyakra-Patha worshipping Lord Shiva, Bheema shouted ‘Govinda, Gopala’, Sage’s worship was disturbed on hearing this, Sage started to chase bheema, sage caught him with his tiger hands, Bheema was unable to escape from sage’s strong hold, he some how escaped from his clutches and started running by shouting ‘Govinda, Gopala’ continuosly. When Sage came near him, he kept one Rudraksha on the ground, it turned into a Shiva Linga, on seeing Shiva linga sage started worshipping it. Again Bheema shouted ‘Govinda, Gopala’, Sage started chasing him. Same thing happened again and again, all 12 Rudrakshas turned into Shiva Lingams.
          At last Bheema was caught by Sage Vyakra-Patha, one leg of Bheema was in sage’s border and other in Pandavas border. Now Yudhistra told sage had caught Bheema, pleased with Yudhistra’s judgement, Sage Vyakra-Patha left Bheema and blessed pandavas.  
          The 12th Shiva Linga gave darshan as ‘Shankara-Narayana’ to Pandavas and the Sage Vyakra-Patha. So Bheema’s ego was crushed and Sage Vyakra-Patha realized Lord Shiva and Lord Narayana are one and the same.
          Thus came ‘Shiva Temple Run’, devotees start running on the early morning of shivarathri day for nearly 80 KMS with in a day and worship all 12 shiva temples on the way. The run starts from ‘Muni Chirai Shiva temple’ and end at ‘Thiru Natalam Shiva temple’.
           Moral of the story is One should be free of ego and broad minded & respect god’s of all religion, in order to get darshan of god.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011


          There are two opinions, one opinion is  Man can do anything in his life by his free will. Another opinion is man can do anything only through god’s will, We humans are like doll in god’s hand.
                In all religious books these two opinions had been said in brief. We are bit confused by this two opinions. This truth can’t be easily understood, but this question was asked to a great saint in India, he told a story to explain this in detail.
                Humans speak about free will in detail but truly everything happens based on god’s will. It’s like a cow tied to a post. It can do anything with in its limits. Humans will depends on god’s will.
                Once great Rishi Naradha went to see God Narayana in Vaigunda. There he argued with God for an important matter. God Narayana became angry and cursed Naradha to go to hell. Sage Naradha was very sad on hearing this.
                Sage Naradha praised lord and asked, ”Oh God! Please tell me the way to hell”. God was pleased with his devotion, he drew a map on the floor, indicated ‘hell’ and ‘heaven’ on that map and showed it to Naradha. Naradha pointed to the hell in the map and asked the God,” God! Is this hell ?”. God replied,” Yes! It is”.
                Suddenly Naradha fell on the floor and rolled over ‘Hell’ as indicated by God and he told he had gone to hell. God asked Naradha, “how you went to hell”. Sage replied,” Dear God! You had created Hell and Heaven, You had drew the world map on the floor, indicated ‘Hell’ & ‘Heaven’, told to me ‘this is hell’, I had rolled over the hell, so I had gone to hell”.
                Sage Naradha rolled over the hell with full devotion and belief in God’s words. So God accepted Sage’s explanation.
                Moral of the story is our will depends on god’s will. God’s will is a great support to our will.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


         Mulla Nazirudin was native of Turkey. He was famous for his wise and funny jokes. His presence will make everyone happy around him. Even today everyone in turkey celebrates his birthday.
         Once mulla bought a new soap, gave it to his wife to wash his dirty clothes. Mulla’s wife Mumtaz was washing his clothes on the terrace. Suddenly a crow flew there, took away the soap from her and sat on a banyan tree . Mumtaz was very angry, she started shouting at the happy crow.
         Mulla heard his wife’s shout, he came out of the house and asked “My dear! What happened”. She shouted,” I was washing your clothes, that bloody crow took away the soap”. Mulla laughed loudly, he said,” Compare my shirt’s colour and crow’s colour, don’t you understand happy crow surely needs the soap than my shirt, Please be calm, I’ll get you another soap”. Mumtaz became cool on hearing this.
         One day Mulla saw a sad man called Rocky in Turkey. He asked Rocky,” What happened? Why do you look sad?”. Rocky said,” I don’t love my life, I have beautiful wife, nice children, lot of money but I am not happy”.
         The next moment Mulla took Rocky’s travel bag and started running, Rocky started chasing Mulla but he was unable to catch him. Rocky ran nearly 2 KMS, Mulla kept his bag on the road side and hide himself near a tree. Rocky saw his travel bag and he was happy person in the world.  Suddenly Mulla appeared in front of him and said happily,” This is happiness, do you got it now ?”.
         Moral of the story is you should keep your friends and family happy by your wise and funny speech, so everybody can live a happy life. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

LIFE - Blogged

Thursday, February 10, 2011


                       Once in a Frog city called Frog-Angeles big mountain climbing contest was announced. All youth frogs were eager to participate in the competition. Actually the contest was announced to find the bride groom for the princess frogrella. The king announced that one who wins the contest will become the prince of the throne.
                      All were speaking about the contest. They were eager to view the contest. Nearly 10,000 frogs applied for the contest, among them only 100 frogs were selected for climbing war. Mountain surroundings were decorated and loudspeakers were kept for announcement.
                    At last the climbing started on Sunday. Frogan was one strong frog who was in the climbing contest. The whole crowd bet for the winner. The struggle started and all frogs started climbing Mt.Junga.
                   Frogan was a brave frog but he did not have any friends. He came along with his elder brother. As he was bit ugly all others made fun of him. The crowd was laughing after seeing Frogan. Frogs which were climbing started exhausted as they had over confidence.
                   Crowd shouted frogoon will fall, frogsen will fall and so on. Hearing these negative comments nearly 95 frogs fell down one by one. Only 5 frogs reached half of the Mt.Junga. At last even the other 4 frogs gave up climbing. Frogan reached the peak with great spirit. He won the struggle.
                   Frogan was married to Frogrella and he became next king and lived happily. What’s the secret behind Frogan’s victory ? He was deaf. He was unable to hear the negative opinion of the crowd so he won
                   Moral of the story is always be deaf to the negative people you will reach your goal.

Monday, February 7, 2011


                       Presence of mind is a key to success in life. Thenali Raman’s life is a good example of it.
                       Raman was a poor youth searching for a job in Vijayanagara Empire. His native place was Thenali. So he was called as Thenali Raman.
                       Once he went into a forest and lost his path. He don’t know how to come out of the forest. There he met an old saint who was chanting Kali Ma’s name. Thenali Raman saluted the saint, asked about his welfare. Saint told he was living in the forest. Saint was a Gnani(wise), he saw Thenali Raman’s bright future. Saint chanted Kali Ma’s mantra in front of Raman, asked him to chant the name daily. Thenali raman was pleased with saints grace, he bowed down to the saint and left to a nearby Kali Temple.
                       Thenali Raman was happy and he started chanting Kali’s Mantra continuously in the temple. Kali Ma was pleased with Thenali’s devotion; she appeared in front of him. Kali Ma had many heads and hands. Thenali saw Kali, thought for a while and started to laugh. Kali Ma was angry on seeing this. Kali told Thenali raman to stop laughing and asked for a reason. Thenali said, ”When I get cold, it is horrible for me, Oh Kali ! you have so many noses, what will happen when you get cold”. Kali Ma was continuosly laughing on hearing thenali’s statement.
                      Kali Ma had two golden cups, one cup was filled with honey and another cup was filled with milk. Kali Ma asked Thenali to select one among two cups, honey cup was wealth and milk cup was knowledge. Thenali said, “Oh Kali Ma! How will I be able to select among them without tasting a sip of two cups”. Kali Ma said, “Ok taste it and select it”. Thenali got two cups in his hands, thought a while, mixed milk with honey and drank it. Kali Ma didn’t expect this, she became angry. Thenali said, “ Kali Ma! Please be calm, when I get headache I can bear it but you can’t bear it, as you have many heads, so be calm and please forgive me”.
                      Kali Ma laughed again, she was pleased with his presence of mind, sense of humour and blessed him heartily. Kali Ma told You will become a great comic poet in King’s court, live happy and wealthy life. Thenali then became a great poet in King Krishna Devaraya’s court, became his close friend and led a happy life.
                      Moral of the story is presence of mind and sense of humour will always lead us to a successful life. So please develop these qualities.

Friday, February 4, 2011


              Once there were 2 saints who were doing penance in a forest. Their name were Siddha and Buddha. Siddha was always serious in his penance. He will not waste a single minute. Buddha was always a jovial in his penance.
                        Sage Naradha was walking along the forest. Siddha saw sage naradha, he bowed to him and asked him, where he was going ? Sage Naradha replied he was going to Vaikuntha for the darshan of Lord MahaVishnu. He became more serious on hearing this. He asked Naradha to enquire the Lord, when he will get moksha (birth less state) ? Naradha consented for it.
                        Sage naradha walked fast but he was stopped by Buddha. Buddha bowed to him and asked where he was going ? Sage replied he was going to Vaikuntha. Buddha asked  Naradha that when he will get moksha ? Naradha told he will ask to Lord MahaVishnu. Sage Naradha went to vaikuntha loka and had darshan of Lord MahaVishnu.
                        Naradha returned from vaikuntha to meet Siddha. Naradha told siddha that he has to wait for 3 more births to attain moksha. Siddha became sad and lamented that he had done penance for many years but still he has 3 more births.
                        Naradha met Buddha. Naradha pointed to a Banyan tree in the forest, told Buddha had to wait as many births as leaves in that banyan tree.
Buddha was very happy on hearing this. Sage naradha was surprised to see this. Buddha danced like anything while singing that god is going to give him moksha so soon. Lord MahaVishnu was very much pleased by Buddha’s words. He appeared in front of him immediately and granted him moksha.
                        Moral of the story is those who are happy will always succeed in life, So always be happy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


CONTENT – It is needed for a Peaceful and Happy Life
                    Once there lived a rat named Jerry in a forest. It was sometimes happy and mostly sad due to a cat named Tom. Jerry was happy until it saw Tom. It was always a hell for Jerry to escape from Tom. Tom was always eager to catch Jerry as it was a bubbly rat.
                  On Sunday morning Jerry went outside in search of food in the forest. Suddenly Tom appeared in front of him and started chasing him. As Jerry was in sandy area of the forest, he was running fast but unable to escape. Jerry ran into Saints hut and fall on his feet to save him. Saint asked him what he want ? Jerry thought a while and asked the Saint to change him into a big cat. Saint told as you wish and he turned into a cat.
                  Tom was astonished to see a cat in front of him and he went away. Now Jerry was the happiest person in the World. Jerry roamed around the forest like newly born baby. Suddenly a wild dog came to bite him, he was afraid, he ran to the saints home, asked him to change him in to a dog. Saint told so be it ! Jerry turned in to a Dog. Now Jerry became double happy. Jerry went to a nearby city.  King of the country came in a palanquin, soldiers started to beat Jerry who was barking.
                   Same funny story happened, Saint turned Jerry as a King. Jerry was the powerful king. He thought he will be happy for ever. There burst a war between Jerry King and neighbor king. Jerry was about to die, suddenly he prayed to Saint, to turn him in to a Rat as before. Now Jerry was content. Jerry lived a happy life .
                   Moral of the story is always be content of who you are ? and what you are ? where you are ? then you will be the happiest person in this world.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

FAITH - Wonders In Life

                FAITH – It is the key to a successful life. To achieve something great, we should have great faith.
                      There was a man named Peter. He had a son named John. They lived in a village. Suddenly John was suffering due to high fever, no doctor was able to cure it. John was slowly dying due to it. There lived a famous Saint in the nearby village. All sick people were cured by his herbal medicine.
                      Peter went to the saint and told him about his son’s condition. The saint examined John, he told it’s difficult to cure his son. Faith along with god’s grace can only cure him. Saint told about the collecting of medicine. On full moon day, during night, when aswin star is glowing on the sky, King cobra’s venom should be collected in a skull. Using that venom and few herbs, medicine will be ready and it will cure John.
                      Peter had full faith in God. He prayed to god with 100% faith. On full moon day, he went to the forest for collecting the venom. He waited in the forest till night. The full moon had Rosen. Aswin star had started glowing, he prayed to god intensely, to his astonishment, he saw a cobra was about to catch a frog. Frog jumped over a skull, cobra was about to bite it but the frog escaped and cobra’s venom fall into the skull.
                      Peter took the skull to the saint. Saint prepared a medicine with cobra’s venom. John took that medicine and he was cured within 3 days.    
Moral of the story is faith make wonders in humans life. So always have 100% faith.

Friday, January 28, 2011

LIFE - A Boon Tree

                   LIFE  - This is like a mirror. Let me tell you a story to explain this. Once a man named Jim walked along a forest. There he saw a  beautiful tree with branches spread along the sky. He was tired, so he ate his lunch and lied down under the tree shades.
                   After waking up, he started to think. First, he thought, he was lying on a cushion bed, to his surprise suddenly he was lying on a cushion bed. Secondly, he thought, maids were fanning him, it also happened. Thirdly, he thought, he was a king, he became a king. He was surprised to see all his thought become real.
                    At last he thought, what will happen if a tiger appears ? suddenly a tiger appeared and it tore Jim into pieces and everything was over. Jim was lying under a ‘Boon Tree’. He didn’t realize that so he was no more.
                    Moral of the story is Life and mind  are like a boon tree. If you think positive then good incidents happen and vice versa. So Be Positive.