Friday, March 11, 2011


       Why it happens to me ? this is the frequent question asked by most of the people in this world, who believe in god. They say that many are leading a wrong life but they are happy, but I am leading a righteous life still suffering a lot. There is story to explain this behavior of life.
          Once there lived a honest man called Max Muller in London. He was a righteous & rich person. Lot of suffering people got help from him. He was known in the city for his Wisdom and helping tendency.
          He helped many orphanages, old age homes and disabled but he will not publish his name. He had a good wife called Sara and two kids. Every day before going to sleep he will help atleast one person.
          He will pray to god daily, Once in a week prayer will be arranged, lot of people around the city will come to prayer and food will be arranged for them. He was leading such a great life.
          Once he suffered a heavy loss in his business, so he was unable to continue the contribution as before but he continued his prayer. He was suffering for nearly 10 long years but his friends supported him and he regained his business. He lived for ninety years and was dead. Whole city was under grief for his loss.
          Max went to heaven, there he was welcomed by god. God gave him a seat near to him and spoke to him. God was happy with him, god told he liked Max as he had obeyed god’s commands. God showed Max life as a vision, there Max saw two persons foot impression on sand way. Max enquired about it. God told one impression was Max’s & the other impression was god himself.
          For a short span of vision only one persons foot impression was there. Max enquired,” Oh God! Why do you leave me during my hard days”. God told smilingly, “ You fool ! I was carrying you during your hard time that’s why you see only my foot impression”. Tears started to roll on Max’s eyes. He fall at god’s feet and seeked God’s blessings.
          Moral of the story is “God will test good people but he will never let them down, He will give lot to evil people but he will let them down”, So you got the answer for Why ? right. So always lead a good life by helping the needy.

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